Is Contact allowed? 
A: Absolutely not. Road Racing is a gentleman's sport (no offense ladies, it's just an expression). We understand the time, love and money that goes into a race car – even inexpensive race cars - and want you to leave with your car and you just as functional and good-looking as when you arrived. We understand that on occasions the unavoidable happens, but this isn’t bumper cars. Reckless driving, lack of control and avoidable contact will quickly earn one a spectator's seat in the paddock.

Is this another one of those budget endurance series?
A: No. WRL does not accept drivers with no track experience and employs a true multi-class system based on power-to-weight ratio to level the playing field in each class while still allowing you to bring/build virtually anything you want to race. This system works for both the big money guys and budget racers. The more you spend to improve your car's speed and handing, the farther up the class structure you'll be. If you're racing in a stock Civic you are not competing against a Spec Miata or BMW E36.

My car has modifications beyond those listed as “Basic Performance Modifications” (BPM). Is it still legal?
A: Yes – as long as it meets our power-to-weight ratio limits.
The BPM and power to weight ratio (PWR) combined set the baseline for which class you should be in. Simply put:
  - If your car is built with only the modifications listed in the BPM, you drop directly into a class based solely on your PWR, no questions asked. Simple.
  - If your car has modifications not listed in the BPM we will evaluate it and determine your class based on the additional mods.
Example, a car with a PWR of 1:22 would be at the less powerful end of the GP4 class. Adding a header would not push that particular car into the next fastest class. On the other hand, adding a turbo would likely require a re-classification.

Would you accept a dyno sheet as evidence that my car should be in a specific class??
A: Yes, WRL is moving to a Dyno classing system, see the current Rules for details.

Will you expand the classing structure?
A: We evaluate several factors each year to determine how many classes there should be, and where the dividing lines should fall. The number of classes will be determined in large part by interest and attendance. For example, if we have a lot of interest from cars in the 8:1 - 10:1 range, we'll consider opening a new class for them.

Do I have to build another car or can I run the same car I built for another club or series?
A: Most cars running other series are eligible to run with World Racing League! If you look at any given race you will see cars that run in IT, PT, SS, SM, FP, HP, GT Lite, Spec Boxter, STU, STL, the budget endurance series’ cars… if it’s production-based we probably have a class for it. If, after reading our short but sweet rules you think that your car isn't legal, contact us. If you are building a car, we've made is easy to build one that will meet the specifications of several racing bodies including the budget series, SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA and NASA

My fuel capacity is more than what is allowed in the rules. What can I do?
A: Buying displacement blocks to reduce your fuel capacity is one answer. If that’s not practical or outside of your budget, we can also apply a remedy when your car goes through tech. The options include moving your car into another class or limiting the amount of fuel you can take on during a pit stop. In the case of the latter, your car will be marked with a decal displaying the max gallons you can dump during a stop.

How often do you update the rules?
A: WRL does not make changes to the rules after a race to compensate for some issue, real or perceived. Mid-season, or constant rules changes play havoc on teams and increase compliance costs. We are constantly reviewing the rules for safety, cost and competition issues. Any material changes to the rules will be made 6 months prior to the upcoming season. Any major changes that will require significant expenditure will be announced at least 12 months prior to the effective date, or will include a grace period for teams to come into compliance. The only exception is clarifications or safety - changes to the rules to address your safety may be made at any time, but only as-needed.

Who can play? 
A: World Racing League is open to everyone who wants to participate in endurance racing. We welcome drivers from every amateur road racing organization in the US and Canada – NASA, NARRA, 24 Hours of LeMons, Vintage clubs, SCCA… you get the picture. You may be looking for more seat time, or perhaps you have a car sitting around that you haven’t raced in a while or has been "retired" due to rules changes. Grab some buddies and race it with us! In addition, experience in HDPE and Time Trials will get you in the door without going through the novice program. HPDE programs like Chin Motorsports, Driver’s Edge, PCA, NASA etc. provide you with the prerequisites you need to race.

But what if I'm a complete novice?
A: WRL does not allow pure novices with no experience or training on the race track. We accept most club racing licenses and HPDE solo experience, and we also provide a simple but structured licensing program for pure novices which includes a instructed track time, see the rule book. Once you've met the qualifications to race with us, we will observe you during your first event to make sure you're "getting it". If everything looks good after those first few hours of seat time, you're in! If not, we'll work with you to make sure you get the skills and education needed - just not in the middle of a race...

I race in another series, would I be welcome in WRL?
A: Absolutely! We don’t care who else you race with, what magazines you read, or whether you stand or sit in the bathroom. If your car fits into our rules you are welcome to race with us. No need to cover up other series’ stickers, no need to feel unwelcome. We want people who want to have fun in the paddock, and have fun while racing!

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